Below are some examples of my recent work. A brief description of my involvement in each site follows.

Diary of an Exercise AddictDiaryOfAnExerciseAddict.com:
This is a Drupal site. I created the theme from scratch based on a Photoshop layout from the in-house book cover artist. I populated the CMS with the necessary modules to support an online community for the book. I also integrated the author's own offsite blog as an RSS feed.

This site, like all of the book micro-sites listed, contains advanced event-driven Google Analytics so we know where visitors go when the leave the site or click on non-link items such as PDF files.

Cuisiones of the Axis of EvilEvilCuisines.com:
I worked with the designer to build a web-dimensioned layout. Then, I built the entire site—from server provisioning to HTML, image-slicing, and Flash animation (using Actionscript for the random flames, shadows, and bubbles). I encoded the video, staged it at Blip.TV, and integrated it seamlessly with the Flash movies on the site.

I hand-coded the Javascript image swapping on the photo page. I also hand-coded the game in Javascript with some snippets borrowed from the Net. The reviews are updated via RSS that is parsed with a PHP routine I customized. I also built a simple content editor in PHP that allows the author to post her own reviews on a section of that page.

I was the project leader for this online community site, which currently boasts nearly 1000 members. I worked with a development and artistic team to build the site to my specs. Once in place, I handled administrative duties and made graphical and code updates. I also managed the community to keep user-supported content relevant and trained my co-workers and authors on how to use the site. Falcon.com is a Drupal site. Most recently, I worked on migrating it from Drupal 4 to Drupal 6.

Hunter S. ThompsonGonzoHST.com:
I worked with the designer and marketing manager to create a truly "Gonzo" animated splash page. It's mostly timeline animation with a few buttons. I built the rest of the site in Dreamweaver and Fireworks using source images created in Photoshop.

Scanned documents were swapped into the "Photos" page using Javascript I hand-coded, similarly to how it was done for EvilCuisines. Real-time book reviews are brought in from a Bing.com RSS feed that is being parsed with PHP code that I customized. The "Gonzo Tweets" are a live-updating Twitter feed integrated through a Javascript library. I had assisted with a video interview using Skype and had intended to add it in the site. I created the "Gonzo Simulator" in Flash after a similar low-quality video I found on YouTube.

I was both the lead designer and the lead technical developer on this site. Using images and pieces of an existing Flash animation, I created a site template to leverage the capabilities of the WordPress content management system. Ultimately, I wrote custom routines to address some of the shortcomings of WordPress. The end result was a website that succeeded where others had failed — presenting exactly the message and interactivity that Harmony Health wanted.

Knack BooksKnackBooks.com:
I was the project lead for this Drupal community site. I worked with an agency to spec out its features and theme. Once it was delivered, I had to re-write much of the code and rebuild the visual theme so that it met the expectations of my manager.

Once the site was live (on a server that I provisioned), I helped with the user and content management and added new features. I hand-coded PHP where Drupal modules did not exist to perform very specific tasks. I also trained Summer interns on content and community management in Drupal.

Party FavorsPartyFavors2008.com:
Another microsite for a high-profile book. This site contains most of the other features of the above non-Drupal sites. I worked closely with a web-savvy designer to get elements that I could use in my web page layout. Some interesting visual effects were provided through CSS that allows the word-balloon pop-ups and JavaScript that lets you click and drag the political button to reveal the lipstick kiss behind it. These features will work in most browsers, including Internet Explorer 6. I was responsible for everything aside from the graphic design.