Free Webcasts for Social Media

I enjoy a good webcast. It sure beats running in to Manhattan every time someone cool is presenting. Even better is a free webcast!

I've been building this list since 2008 - mostly for my co-workers. But, I think it makes sense to share the wealth with my online community too. I hope you can benefit from the information I have assembled here.

Title Notes Orig. Date
How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing Sponsored by: Hubspot
Free registration required
Web Squared [O'Reilly] When web meets world, we get Web Squared. 6/25/2009
Twitter for Marketing & PR [O'Reilly] I archived all tweets during the webcast. 6/3/2009
Email Marketing and Social Media Engagement Strategies Registration required for playback. Slides are here: (no reg. required) 5/28/2009
Twitter Power Tips Presented by Sarah Milstein & Tim O'Reilly in support of The Twitter Book 5/21/2009
SEO and Conversion Rates: Hand-in-hand   4/7/2009
How to Use Twitter for Business Presented by HubSpot and O'Reilly 3/31/2009
Guy Kawasaki's "Spamurai" keynote from SES 2009   3/30/2009
A Focus Group of Millions: Leveraging Social Media for Consumer Insights Stephen Baker, senior technology writer at BusinessWeek, shares highlights from his new book The Numerati, relating to what he learned in researching the science of analyzing blogs. 3/26/2009
The 7 Deadly Sins of Website Design Slides are here: 3/11/2009
Guy Kawasaki presents Reality Check and Twitter, social media tool of the 21st century! Presented by O'Reilly 3/6/2009
Social Media for Business: 3 Winning Lessons PowerPoint slides (PDF):
Audio file (MP3):
Chat transcript (Text file):
Brand Building in a Digital Age Free registration required for playback 2/10/2009
How to Choose an Online Community Platform [B2B Magazine]   10/16/2008
Simplifying Online Marketing in a Web 2.0 Overwhelmed World   10/8/2008
Maximizing Marketing Value During a Downturn   9/30/2008
Best Practices for Moderating Your Online Community (Replay) Slides are here: 9/30/2008
Web 2.0 Expo 2008 Webcasts and Slide Decks O'Reilly 9/16/2008
Social Media: How Online Buzz Drives Buyers to your Virtual Doorstep   9/9/2008
[AMA] Tips for Marketers Coping With a World Where Messages Don't Matter   8/28/2008
The B2B Marketer's Guide to Building Online Communities   8/14/2008
How Web 2.0 can Ruin Your Online Marketing   7/23/2008
Writing Compelling PPC Ads Free registration required for playback 7/9/2008
Search as a Strategic Planning Tool   6/24/2008
Web Analytics Driven Marketing Lessons You Can’t Afford to Ignore   6/19/2008
Ad Networks Best Practices: Keeping Your Advertisers Happy   6/17/2008
[AMA] Unlocking Social Media's ROI through Engagement & Participation   5/22/2008
[AMA] Multi-Channel Strategy: Forget What You Know – Customers Live in A Different World   4/23/2008
[AMA] Multi-Channel Strategy: Forget What You Know. Customers See a Different World   4/22/2008
[AMA] Top 5 Tips for a Successful Online Video Strategy   4/8/2008
How to get clients to love your brand... and spread the word about it   3/12/2008
[AMA] 7 Steps to a Stellar Online Reputation This was an excellent webcast. I highly recommend you watch it. 2/28/2008
Andy Beal's "7 Steps" Slides (no registration required)   2/28/2008
[Audio Podcast] Debbie Weil on Corporate Blogging (0:30)   2/28/2008
How Do You Avoid the Meatball Sundae? You may need to register (free) to view the playback 1/23/2008
Online Content: Three Strategies to Keep Advertisers and Readers Hooked in 2008   1/22/2008
[AMA] Web Analytics: A Day a Month   1/15/2008
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