Blogging Tech for Work and Play

This blogging thing is kind of unnatural for someone from the "vinyl era" such as myself. But still, there is some fascination with the power of the medium. Now my job includes assisting authors with setting up blogs so it made sense to jump in myself.

I'm more of a tech junkie than an exhibitionist so I'm overwhelmed with the myriad of software choices that one has when setting up their own blog. Over the past year, I have become partial to Drupal as the be-all, end-all platform for intelligent web content management and community development. This site is currently powered by Drupal 6. The hardest part of working with Drupal is making the site not look like it's running Drupal. In my travels, I have seen some very impressive WordPress sites that resemble the sort of simple websites I used to build in the 90s. It may not seem like an important decision right away but I have heard people lament over their lost blog entries when their blogging service has a hiccup or goes under. Now that I've worked with this a bit, I can confidently advocate storing your blog on your own server whenever possible. With minor inconveniences, you can even set this up in Blogger (as I have done with another blog I'm neglecting, er, writing). One of my company's authors just created an online community with all the bells and whistles. It took me at least 15 minutes of dissecting source code before I determined that it was built using Ning. I was totally blown away when I learned that Ning does most of the work for you. It's something I'm going to be looking at in greater depth. Just today, I was listening to a podcast with Leo Laporte where he theorized that older Internet users (and by "older," I mean mid to late 30s) seem to gravitate towards Twitter rather than a full-out blog. I feel validated now because I had a similar observation yesterday. Once I set up my Twitter account, I was much more likely to let the entire world know what I was doing than sharing anything really personal or thought out with a select audience. There must be some Freudian conclusion in there somewhere. Well until next time, happy blogging!