The Stop-and-Chat

This is my first real blog on my own site. Bear with me as I attempt to dispel the formality of well thought-out prose. This is, after all, electronic media. I might decide to change it tomorrow.

Expect to see various topics of rant here: from personal observations, to musical musings, to technology revelations. I'll do my best to tag things so you, my audience, can sift through the randomness and find some truly interesting content.

Now that I've set the bar so high, I'll pause to reflect on my next entry. Welcome!


Hey Geoff!

I'm so very impressed with this blog site! I have NO idea how to set this sort of thing up, with all the bells and whistles that you have, but I actually set up a blog page on my website. First entry went in today. Hope you'll consider checking it out! :-)

Thanks for the shout out. Not sure how 'famous' though.

All the best,

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