Geoff Cox :: Late-Night Musical Autobiography

not bad for a b/w quick-cam and some digital fiddling

No photos, please. Seriously, I'll get back to putting a current pic up here before too much longer.

Well, I was born in dear old Nyack, New York some time ago. I remember Woolworth's, the 5 and 10, The Office Jazz Club, The Windjammer, and The Helen Hayes Theatre (heck, I even served Helen Hayes coffee once).

I attended most of the schools in Nyack up to High School, studying science, writing, and music. The Nyack Jazz Band, under the direction of Bert Hughes, was respected throughout the county. Although we didn't get to St. Lucia or Russia, we did compete on a state level. (Here would be a good place for a picture). I also had the pleasure of working with Anita Brown at Nyack High School before she became famous.

After graduation I did something smart: I went away to college!

Five years in Pittsburgh, attending Carnegie-Mellon University, was a real lesson in how to survive in the face of almost total adversity. I learned a lot there, but not too much of it was out of books. While in Pittsburgh, I studied music with the likes of Eric Kloss, David Budway, Randy Purcell (rest in peace), and Reza Vali. I was in many of the music ensembles (even the ones usually restricted to music majors - which I was not). I also joined the association of fine, upstanding young drunkards known as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity.

I learned about performing in the real world when I joined Big Daddy. This blues band was the real thing. During the more than two years I spent with this band, I played parties, lots of bars, and even a prison. I feel honored to have inspired a pencil sketch at one point.

[Big Daddy - 1989] [I can sing, too][pencil sketch]

When I graduated college, the job market was pretty tight. And my grades being what they were, it seemed safest to come back to the stability of Rockland County. While looking for job fulfillment, I joined several bands. The closest I came to stardom was with two local original rock-and-roll bands: The Horse You Rode In On and Jen Cherrey. The Horse had previously won "Best Unsigned Band in New York" by the Village Voice. Jen Cherrey evolved out of the wreckage of The Horse. Strangely, the introspective folk songs written by up-and-coming local playwright/composer, Neil Berg, had little in common with the hard thrash funk energy wielded by The Horse.

[The Horse You Rode In On - 1991][Jen Cherrey - 1994]

I had my longest tenure (over 13 years!) with Spyder Murphy. The Spyder Murphy Band is a blues/motown/funk/disco cover band made up of dangerously talented musicians.

Zacharius was an original rock band that made a name for itself - from local clubs to pirate radio stations. Alas, the members seem to have drifted our separate ways as of late.

[The Spyder Murphy Band - 1995][Zacharius - 1996]

Revelation is a Salsa band with an international flair - all of the lyrics are in French! Though my tenure with them was short, the experience was long-lasting. Stay tuned for some songs from this bunch.

Now I live over a hundred miles from everything I've ever known (except, of course, my lovely wife and son). I am currently the digital "go-to" guy at a very visionary publishing company on the Connecticut shoreline.

Music has picked up recently in the form of Basically Blues, Swim Deeper, and a handful of other bands that I frequent. Plus, I'm working on my first album (we vinyl-era folks like to say "album"). Stay tuned for more on that!

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